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Employee Resource Groups

After becoming a Macy’s associate, the diversity message continues through annual workshops, seminars and computer-based awareness training. Our numerous Diversity Councils and Employee Resource Groups provide a solid platform for ensuring we create an inclusive and supportive work environment to attract and retain top talent.

Macy’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) empower a community whose collective voice fosters an inclusive company culture. Aligned with the strategic direction of the company, these employee led, company sponsored groups are committed to excellence in four core focuses: professional development, give back, employee experience and driving business results. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) exemplify Macy’s brand values and seek to: Provide a safe and supportive environment where member voices count; Support Macy’s talent strategies by contributing to recruitment, engagement and retention efforts, and providing opportunities for professional growth and leadership development; Connect with the customer through the ideation and evolution of product offerings that position Macy’s as the retailer of choice; and Participate in community outreach and volunteer initiatives

ONYX (Blacks United In Leadership & Development) ONYX is dedicated to making Macy’s, Inc. the preeminent choice for Black Americans to foster a career while supporting company business priorities, objectives and brand values. We are focused on the recruitment of premier talent and the retention/mentorship of Black executives within the organization while promoting a corporate culture shift from diversity to inclusion. We are committed to representing the Macy’s brand through community service and volunteerism within the surrounding Black communities.

ATEAM (Strengthening Asian and Pacific Islander Communities) Our vision is to be a vibrant ERG that is a resource to Macy’s and empowers associates interested in the APIA community. Our mission is to grow the company’s knowledge of the APIA market, leverage corporate assets to strengthen local APIA communities and network with those interested in the above.

LA VOZ (Empowering the Latino Community) La Voz de Macy’s is committed to promoting the empowerment of the Latino community. We are dedicated to inspiring growth within the Macy's Latino market and aim to positively influence the Latino community by fostering lasting relationships through active personal involvement.

PRIDE (Empowering the LGBTQ Community in Partnership with Allies) Macy’s Pride ERG seeks to increase LGBTQ cultural awareness to foster an environment of inclusion for all Macy’s employees. Through networking, we enhance mutual support and mentorship. In addition, we seek to increase our customer’s satisfaction by responding to the needs and desires that are consistent with the principals and business initiatives of Macy's, Inc.

WAM (Women at Macy's) The Women at Macy’s group seeks to empower, support, and develop women. We enable women to be strong leaders through networking and mentorship opportunities. We partner with various organizations to foster community growth, while leveraging new learnings to further reach our most engaged customer.

ATLAS (Aspiring to Lead and Succeed) The Heralds strive to professionally develop the millennial talent at Macy’s, engaging the population in activities modeled around the brand values. We will increase retention, improve employee engagement and help our millennial audience feel that they count through recognition and development.

EMBRACE – Diversity & Inclusion The EMBRACE mission is to coordinate and implement all-inclusive professional, educational, cultural, and social awareness sessions and events, designed to promote intercultural dialogue and respect for diversity and inclusion.

FITfluence FITfluence is the premiere source for all health and wellness related information. We strive to empower our peers with the knowledge necessary to fulfill an active lifestyle. Through a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition, we plan to drive value within Macy’s by creating a healthier work environment.

Go Green Macy’s Go Green ERG is devoted to creating a more sustainable environment through energy/waste reduction, increased recycling, and the use of renewable resources. Together we strive to build a community of innovative leaders who are passionate about fostering awareness and engagement amongst Macy’s executives, while working towards a greener future.

REACH Resource, Education, Action, Connect, and Helping are the keystones of this ERG, which serves as a resource for professional and personal development.

Working Families Working Families ERG mission is to promote work/life balance and be a resource to others by providing and supporting a platform of discussion for parents, nonparents, men and women to collaborate and promote a productive work environment that allows employees to be engaged in a challenging career and balance their work life needs.