Our Associates

Employee Resource Groups

After becoming a Macy’s associate, the diversity message continues through annual workshops, seminars and computer-based awareness training. Our numerous Diversity Councils and Employee Resource Groups provide a solid platform for ensuring we create an inclusive and supportive work environment to attract and retain top talent.

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide information and education that assist the company in creating a more productive and inclusive work environment. These groups enable a greater ability to determine and satisfy customer needs, and provide a stronger tie to the communities in which we live and work. Our ERGs reach ten segments of the population through 19 different groups.

ONYX (Blacks United In Leadership & Development) Through education, community service and volunteerism with the surrounding black communities, ONYX represents the Macy’s Brand and fosters the growth of the black employee at Macy’s and makes Macy’s a premier place to work.

ATEAM (Strengthening Asian and Pacific Islander Communities) ATEAM grows awareness of the API market and communities at large. They also promote the empowerment and growth of the API associate.

LA VOZ (Empowering the Latino Community) La Voz is committed to the empowerment of the Latino community as well as developing and nurturing internal Latino leaders to execute the Macy’s priorities.

MCS PRIDE (Supporting the LGBT & Allies Community) and PRIDE (Supporting the LGBTQ Community) The Pride ERGs focus on bringing cultural awareness to the LGBTQ community, both internally and externally.

WAM (Women at Macy’s / Women at MCOM) WAM focuses on encouraging, supporting and developing women both inside and outside of Macy’s as well as educating on and promoting work/life balance.

The Heralds (Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow), Millennial Forum (Fostering Millennial Talent Through Collaboration) and Climb (Creating Leaders In Macy’s and Beyond) Our Young Professionals ERGs promote and foster the growth of our millennial employees into leadership positions within the company, as well as their commitment to service and volunteerism to the community at large.

EMBRACE – Diversity & Inclusion The EMBRACE mission is to coordinate and implement all-inclusive professional, educational, cultural, and social awareness sessions and events, designed to promote intercultural dialogue and respect for diversity and inclusion.

FITfluence A premier source of health and wellness information, FITfluence empowers individuals with the knowledge necessary to live a healthier and more active lifestyle, as well as promoting its benefits. With a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition, the group strives to create a healthier work environment at Macy’s.

Go Green The Go Green ERG is committed to creating a more sustainable environment through energy/waste reduction, increased recycling, and use of renewable resources. Through a community of innovative leaders passionate about a greener future, the Go Green ERG builds awareness and engagement with sustainability measures and their impact.

REACH Resource, Education, Action, Connect, and Helping are the keystones of this ERG, which serves as a resource for professional and personal development.

Working Families The Working Families ERG sees to empower, support, and develop working parents, helping them to be strong leaders through networking and mentorship opportunities, partnering with external organizations for community growth, and leveraging new learnings.